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Frequently Asked Questions about your Pet’s stay at

Canine Country Kennels and Cattery

  1. What do I need to bring for my dog?

    We will need to sight your current C5 vaccination certificate.
    Any medication your pet is on.
    Please bring your dog to our office on a secure lead. We will then transfer him to our lead.
  2. What do I need to bring for my cat?

    We will need to sight your current Fe3 vaccination certificate.
    A secure carry cage to bring your cat into the office. Please print your name on it.
    Any medication your pet is on.
  3. Can I bring my pet's favourite toys and bedding?

    Canine Country Kennels does not require you to bring your pet's bedding. Being a hygienically controlled environment, all bedding is provided by us. However if you feel it essential to bring your own from home we don’t mind either.

    The favourite toy can also stay at home - we have many toys available for guests to play with.
  4. Can I bring my dog's coat?

    We are happy to take dogs coats, please ensure they are clearly and permanently labelled.
  5. Can I bring my pet's own diet?

    We are happy to keep your pet on his or her own specialised medical diet.
  6. What is the best time to bring my pet in? Can we have a look around?

    Inspections are more than welcome on appointment. Please note we do not have inspections during school holidays or public holidays.
    It is best to come in as soon as possible after opening hours. This enables your pet to settle into its new environment before spending its first night away from home. However anytime during our opening hours is fine.
  7. This is my dog's first trip to Canine Country Kennels. Will he fret while I am away?

    As with humans, your dog has a large sub-conscious memory, and a very small conscious mind, which can only entertain one thought at a time. The major difference between a dog and a human is that humans can retrieve a memory at will from their sub-conscious mind. Your dog is completely unable to do this, and all retrieved thoughts must be physically prompted.

    This means that when you say goodbye to your dog in the office, by the time he or she reaches the complex and sees other dogs, thoughts of you have left its conscious mind. His mind is then filled with his new environment, and will remain that way until he sees/hears you in the office on your return.

    Leaving him at home, on the other hand, can cause fretting, as he is surrounded by physical reminders of yourself. He will be waiting by the door for your car, waiting for his routine walk, waiting for you; in other words, he has no chance to forget you. This can cause him to fret, go off his food etc.

    Things which will contribute to your dog having an enjoyable stay at the kennels include receiving plenty of mental and physical stimulation every day; lots of play times in large exercise areas, a comfortable, clean environment with 24 hour care, delicious food and plenty of human contact (daily grooming, cuddles etc).

    Remember animals are sensitive to you also if you DO have a tendency to become anxious when leaving your dog, you need to remember the effect you are having on him. It is hard, I know, however you need to be purposefully cheerful and bright in the lead up time to your departure.

    The trip to the kennels in the car should be happy, and the same with walking into the office. You do NOT want your baby feeling anxious and upset as he walks into our facility. He has come to have a great holiday, surrounded by canine friends, a wonderful and dog-loving staff, daily activities, in other words... it will be his holiday as much as yours.
  8. Will my dog or cat be housed or exercised with other animals?

    Dogs and cats sleep in their own suite during the night. Any family of dogs or family of cats can be housed together. For the comfort of all guests we can not offer to house both dogs and cats together. Dogs are exercised by themselves or with their own family during the day in our large grass areas. On your request we can find another compatible friend for your dog. We have a lovely outdoor sunroom for cats to use on a rotation when the weather is great. Cats just love the sun!
  9. I am worried my dog or cat will get hot/cold during winter/Summer. Are the kennels heated and cooled?

    YES! We have an industrial heater for the kennels which keeps the kennel toasty during winter. We have a large industrial Air conditioner for summer and ceiling fans for the cattery. Your pets are also provided with plenty of warm bedding.
  10. What time do you feed the guests?

    Canine guests are fed their main meal mid morning. We also serve an evening meal for dogs that require two meals a day. Cats are fed morning and evening meals.
  11. What happens if my pet gets ill during its stay at Canine Country Kennels?

    Naturally we have many vets on call 24 hours a day. If your personal vet is not local to Albury/Wodonga, our kennel will communicate with your vet if necessary.
  12. What time do I need to deliver or pick up my pet? Do you have a pick up/delivery service?

    Yes we can pick up or deliver. A fee will apply based on where you live.


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Saturdays and public holidays 9:00 am to 10:00am

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We are closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.